Frequently asked questions

Will I die?

Probably not. Howver please make sure to pay any outstanding invoices with us before eating our Reapers.

Are they really the hottest gummy bears in the world?

Our Reapers are made from Carolina Reaper Sauce and extract and pack a powerful punch to the mouth straight away. We've heard of claims of a hotter bear but we very much doubt one exists. Adding a drop of 9m extract to a gummy bear does not create a 9m SHU gummy bear. #justsaying

Can I watch videos of people suffering thorugh your Reapers? I'm into that kind of thing.

Yes! Of course you can, Check out the links below to see some real PAIN!
Here's Bazza taking on our $100 Challenge. Edda The Ice Lady tries our Reapers. Carl The Fireball Richie trying our Reapers.

Did Bran reeally deserve the Iron Throne or was that the most b*llshit ending possible?

Yes. Yes it was.