It felt like I had swallowed white-hot coals as the vicious burning sensation ripped through my mouth like wildfire. All I could do was sit in a state of shock as the world’s hottest gummy bears were now running amok through my digestive system, but let’s rewind just a few minutes.

Across YouTube, there are countless videos of people taking on #Superhot challenges with disastrous results, as what starts as a brief (VERY BRIEF) second of enjoyment turns into a nightmare of coughing, swearing and in some cases vomiting. You would have to be an idiot or a complete psychopath to try it. Just like me 🙂

For my challenge which, I hasten to add, was a $100 bet with a personal friend and the owner of, I wouldn’t be eating the Carolina Reaper chilli itself but rather in the form of a gummy bear or Rummy Bear Reapers as they are known in the world of Fire. The world’s hottest gummy bears.

These vicious little B*stards, I mean bears are made by the team at Rummy Bears – The Adult Candy Company and a first glance at the packaging it looks really great, a wonderful and well thought out design with lots of colour.

Inside were the tiny bears that were about to cause me immense amounts of pain, they had a nice fruity scent to them and like the packaging they arrived in they were very well made with each one holding a consistent shape. They had a typical bouncy, squishy gummy bear feel to them. On Close inspection I could see the tiny slivers of Carolina Reapers but that would eventually torture me for two days.

I’d eaten one Carolina Reaper before and on that occasion, it didn’t go well, so I’m not quite sure what possessed me to dip the rummy bears in some dehydrated and blended Carolina Reaper dust which was an additional add-on from Rummy Bears With an ambulance on standby, and a request to “tell my mother I love her” I took the plunge and placed the first Rummy Bear in my mouth. What hit me next was a subtle combination of fruit and spice with a little heat which started to build gradually. Bizarrely I could feel it in my fingertips and ears. I narrowly avoided rubbing my eyes, thank F**k for that 🙂

A few seconds later the intense sensation was getting worse and worse as if it was ready to rip through my palate – there is no getting away from the fact that these gummy bears are hot. Like #SUPERHOT. As I started to perspire and the tears began rolling down my cheek it dawned on me that this was only the first one out of the packet and to be honest I’d forgotten how many were left?

The milk on the table was not an option at this point, I mean it’s not a challenge if you have to resort to milk at such an early stage – I had to suck it up and carry on. “Drink the milk” came the screams from the owner’s daughter as she watched my suffering with amusement.

With the third gummy bear down the heat is not so much a chilli heat as an intense burning. At this point, my face was drenched in a combination of my sweat, tears and secretions of the savage Carolina Reaper Chilli sauce of which the bears are made.

The gummy bears themselves are delicious and have a fantastic taste to them,

perfect for those who love a challenge or a lot of spice. You can find them on sale at

Feel free to check out the full video of my challenge below to see if I made it all the way through to the painful end.

Here’s a hint… I didn’t