The Reaper's Challenge Rules

The Rummy Bears Reaper's Challenge Official Rules (below) are the rules set out by and the only rules that will be followed to allow competitors earn points on our Rummybears League Tables

The Challenge Rules here are to ensure a slow and steady pace while eating and to discourage reckless gorging and swallowing the gummy bears whole.

The idea here is to avoid as much pain and discomfort to our challengers as possible.

Each packet contains 12 bears and to gain the maximum number of points per packet the following criteria must be met.

1: The packet of Rummybears Reapers must be opened on camera and show no signs of tampering or having been previously opened

2: The Reapers must be emptied onto a small plate, on camera and must remain on camera for the duration of the challenge

3: You must eat the first SIX BEARS in four minutes, you cannot start another the following bears before the four minute mark has passed. Then you must it the following SIX BEARS also within four minutes.

4: After the TWELFTH and final bear is swallowed, you must show an open and empty mouth to the camera.

5. After the TWELFTH and final bear is swallowed, you must endure a further  two minute burn time* b
efore your challenge has been completed.

6: The challenge ends at minute 10 and you are then permitted to drink, eat, turn off your camera, run to the toilet, vomit etc.

7. The challenge ends if you "tapout" at any point during the 10 minutes and drink, eat or go off camera

Points and Bonus Points


Po​ints will be awarded PER BEAR for this challenge. One point per bear. 12 bears = 12 points

3 bonus points will be awarded for completing the Challenge within the rules set out above

1 Bonus Point will be awarded for opting to do a Facebook Live Video of your challenge


If you are able to complete the first six bears you will be eligible to apply for +2 Points on the League of Fire table.
If you can complete all 12 then you gain +4 points

*burn time starts at minute 8 assuming all 12 bears have been eaten.

During this time you cannot eat/drink/go off camera